In order to prevent issues caused by flea and ticks, you have so many solutions but the most effective one to keep these pests away from your house are very few. Basically, you have to find some of the effective ones. Basically, you can find many remedies of homemade flea spray for house and try out all of them but we have the one that is safe and effective. You should try out herbal flea spray as well you can try out lemon flea spray. Both of these work for sure and called as the safest because you can let child and pets playing around.

Making Herbal Flea Spray

You can make herbal homemade flea spray for house and this is easy also. You need vinegar, water, lemon extract and witch hazel. Get these products in proper amount first.

  • 4lt vinegar
  • 500ml lemon juice
  • 250 witch hazel
  • 2lt water

You have to mix all of these and spray in the areas like around the hose, pet beddings and yards at once. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner in these areas as it will remove all the dust and temp more fleas/ticks.

Lemon Flea Spray

This is one of the effective methods as you can kill more fleas easily. You have to get started by slicing the lemon and heating it up in water. As the water reach boiling point then stop the heating anymore. As it cools down overnight, fill it up in spray bottle and get started by home, pet bedding, carpet, furniture and yard. It will take few hours but make sure to spray in single use. Now, everything is done and all the pests will run away or they will be dead till next morning.