There are times when you own a home that it needs work. Bathrooms often prove to be the source of the work needed. You might decide to replace an older tub so it looks better, leaks less, or just is more durable. You also might choose to turn a half-bath into a full bath. In some cases, you are possibly even putting a bathroom in for the first time ever.

Whatever the case, you need someone that knows how to fit a bath tub. That’s probably going to mean talking to various home remodeling businesses or contractors and interviewing them or getting consultations as you try and figure out specifically what is needed to happen, what it will cost, and who the right fit is.

If you’re lucky, your professional consultation and visit will be from the very contractor or supervisor that would be doing the work in your home or at least on the crew that comes out. It’s worth asking that professional how he learned how to fit a bath tub.

Their answers can be very insightful into their skill level and professional experience. You might cringe if someone answers that the first bathtub they ever fit was one in their basement as a DIY project, and they’ve done only a few since. Just keep in mind though that there’s not really college degrees in contracting or bathroom remodeling, and their professional experience since they first learned how to fit a bath tub is also important.

They might not know how many they have done, but they should know how many years they have been doing it. Anyone that has been fitting bathtubs professionally likely knows what they are doing, as they would have heard by now from previous clients that they might have failed.