Making the purchase of the best nipple shield is quite different. Most of the reason may be wondering that how is it even possible, as even a person can buy them online. Well, the word best here represents the shield made up of good quality and perfect size. Well, whenever heading forward to make a purchase make sure to check the quality and perfect size in order to let the nipple shield work properly for the baby.

Choosing correct size is very important

It is very important to get the right size of the nipple, in case if the nipple is little big than the baby won’t be able to adequately draw up nipple of the mother. In case you got the newborn baby, then the small nipple is perfect. There are numerous companies, making various sizes and the guardian can choose according to the specification of their baby.

Helps in maintaining supply of milk

The supply of the milk in the breast of the mother is completely dependent upon the intake of the child. The premature and small baby may lead to diminish the supply of the milk. Thus when using the shield, it is quite necessary to pump the breast after nursing in order to make sure that the breasts of the mother are empted. The pumped milk can be used by the mother to feed the baby.

Final words

In case you are facing a lot of problem as the baby of your is not able to extract out the milk from your breast than there is nothing to worry about it. There are already a lot of cases like this, and the best way to overcome this problem is to make use of the nipple shield and feed the baby properly with it