As a matter of fact, twin mattresses are very popular and have many uses but when it comes to extra long twin mattress they are even better than it. They are totally durable and can be good a going for many years. Here are some of the reasons why these long mattresses are better than the standard size.

Factors Of An Extra Long Twin Mattress

Below mentioned are some of the factors that provide you with the information why extra long twin mattress is better.

  • These can be used by the adults: this extra long mattress can be used by the adults as they are long so adults will not face any type of difficulty in sleeping on the mattress.
  • Help the child to grow: with help of the extra long twin mattress, your child can grow more quickly.
  • Perfect for hostel rooms: we all know that space is too congested in the hostel room. If we think of getting the king size bedroom then there will no space left for the stuff. So, a twin mattress is the perfect as there will be plenty of space left where you can adjust your stuff.
  • Cheaper than the king: this is the cheapest model when compared to the king size mattress. So, it will help in saving money that can be consumed in other things.
  • Provide you with comfort: the foam used in this extra long mattress is too spongy that you will feel very comfortable while sleeping on it. They have about 5 inches of extra space which will help you in getting the more comfort.

These all are the reasons why extra long twin mattresses are better than the standard twin mattress.


You can also purchase this extra long twin mattress from the internet but keep in mind that you are getting them from a reliable site.