Different people have different hobbies and if you are a sword collector, it is a unique hobby. You may not find anyone like you, but many people are investing their time and money for this hobby, all around the world. BladesPro is a must have for any sword collector. If you don’t have one in your collection, go and find one, as your collection is incomplete without a samurai sword. A sharp edge, long sword is usually referred to as samurai sword, however, there are different kinds of swords, which fall in this category.

  • Katana: Most typical samurai sword is Katana, which is 24 to 27 inches long. It is a single edge sword with a curved blade. The handle of katana is long and samurai hold it with both hands. The blade is very sharp, meant for slicing the enemy. They are used for decorative and training purposes and sword collectors like them.
  • Tachi: Theses swords were the longest swords used by the samurai. They were used by the Samurai, when they were riding the horse. It was easy to injure the enemies with these long swords, when samurai were riding the horses. The style of wearing Katana and Tachi was different.
  • Wakizashi: They are smaller samurai swords, when compared with Katana. They are nearly 20 inches in size. It is said that samurai used them for personal protection along with Katana. They were used, when enemy was very close.

You can buy a Samurai sword for your collection or present as a gift to your loved one. It will be a great gift for a sword collector. However, make sure that you buy a quality product, as you are investing your money, it should not be a low-quality sword. Check your sword carefully, before paying the price.