Fiat is one automobile company that had to retreat from the American market 30 years ago. It is not that Fiat cars were not loved by the owners but there were numerous complaints for minor issues. Fiat stayed away from America for 25 long years. It staged a comeback in 2011 with its most popular small car Fiat 500. It was a compact car with 2 doors and though it was projected as a car for the future, it boasted retro looks similar to that of Mini. Fiat 500 was not a new car, having been manufactured in Italy since 1957. Fiat asked Impatto, a marketing agency from Michigan, to advertise this car in America. This heralded a long Fiat Impatto partnership that proved very beneficial for Fiat.


The first TV commercial made by Impatto created a buzz around Fiat 500 in no time at all. Although people had many options in front of them when they went to buy a car in the market, Impatto presented Fiat 500 as a powerful and beautiful car to catch their imagination. They dubbed it as the car of the future. The designers at Impatto were searching for a way to appeal to the hearts of the new car buyers, and they found that there was no better a person than Elvis Presley for this job. Rock and Roll king may have been long dead but he is still considered by most people as a youth icon and a cultural icon. They utilized the love and affection people had in their mind for Elvis Presley to lure them to their new car.


Fiat Impatto presented Fiat 500 as a revolutionary car just like Elvis Presley. This struck an emotional chord with the people and they felt attracted towards this new car from Fiat.