Those who do not know what a grow tent is, the name is a misnomer. A grow tent is not which grows but it is a structure that allows plants to grow thick and fast inside it. It is a shell that is used to take advantage of a science called hydroponics. Using this self-contained unit, you can hope to grow all kids of fruits and vegetables in your 10th floor apartment home and surprise all your friends.

Just keep this tent in your room and grow fruits

Gorilla 8X8 grow tent, as the name suggests has dimensions of 8X8 feet when it is unboxed and set up inside a room. This means you need a room bigger in size than this to grow plants. In fact, make sure the cleaning of your room is more than 8 feet high. This is because the height of this grow tent is normally 7 feet but there is a provision to increase height by another foot using extension kit.

Helps in maintaining ideal growing conditions

Hydroponics requires that you use water as a medium to grow plants. Made of canvas fabric, this Gorilla 8 x 8 Grow Tent – 10% Discount for Limited Period is waterproof to hold water inside without any leakage. It is not just its water retention capacity but also the ability to provide ideal growing conditions that make this tent wonderful.  You can grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables inside this tent irrespective of the climate and soil they need for growing. This is because you can control the conditions of temperature and humidity for their thick and fast growth inside your room.


Gorilla 8X8 tent is available for a price of $1176. This is a onetime investment that you need to make to fulfil your dream of a garden inside your room. It will last for a very long time.