Every day there are people who are logging on to Kik and using it to communicate with others. One thing that many people fumble on is choosing the best usernames Kik has ever seen. If you want to come up with the best possible option, here is some useful advice.

Use substitutions if you have come up with an interesting choice and it is already taken. You may be given the option to add numbers at the end, but that is pretty generic and will not help you stand out. For instance, if you wanted to use the moniker “Superman,” choosing “$uperm@n” would be a great alternative. That is far more creative than “Superman1.”

Avoid adding your city and age, especially if you are really young. Adding the year 2001 to the end of your name will alert people that you are 15-16 years old. The last thing you need is to have one of those kiksnapme.com — usernames kik creeps use to target those who are underage. Using a random string of numbers that has special significance to you would be a better idea.

Consider your interests and try choosing something that has to do with that. You can use your favorite song, celebrity, food, book or anything else you adore as inspiration. Lumping two or more of these items together in a creative way will help you stand out. Consider the name “HotPinkGuitarLobster,” which proves that cramming random things together can actually sound cool.

When you sign up for Kik and you are seeking the right username, try your best to be creative. Use one or more of these tips here if you are interested in choosing something that will help you stand out, and not for all of the wrong reasons.