Looking forward to get an ar-10 rifle and need a proper guidance in order to make the right call? You are surely present at the right place as we do have significant information to share. When it comes to the selection of one of the ar-10 rifles, you need to follow a calculative approach. There are numerous aspects that should be taken care of as one can easily get confused after going through different available options. In order to start with, the consumer has to pay attention to the trigger. The trigger has a huge role to play when you desire to enjoy long-range accuracy while using the ar-10 rifle. It should be of very high-quality and mainly there are two types of triggers available – single stage and two stage. Single stage triggers are mostly associated with entry level models of Ar-10.

As a beginner, if you are not willing to invest hugely in your rifle, you need to opt for Mil-spec trigger as it belongs to single stage. However being an experienced candidate, if you need pretty high accuracy, there is a need to opt for the two-stage trigger. With these two-stage triggers, only a constant and light touch is required to shoot.

Barrel is another major feature of the ar-10 rifle that has to be considered at top of the list. With a proper barrel it would become possible to enjoy long range accuracy. There are mainly three types of barrel options available in the market – chrome lined, stainless steel and nitride.

Selection of ar-10 rifle is not a daunting task for sure especially when you are aware of your own shooting demands. Gather out enough information about these rifles, pay attention to their features, read out unbiased reviews and make your call accordingly.