Dovetail Genomics Announces New Capture Hi-C Targeted Enrichment Panels


SCOTTS VALLEY, California, June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dovetail Genomics, the industry leader in advanced genomic proximity ligation solutions, today announced the availability of its new line of Hi-C capture technology. Flagship products include two targeted enrichment panels, the Dovetail® Human pan and dovetail promoter enrichment kit® Mouse Pan promoter enrichment kit, allowing the interrogation of the chromatin topology surrounding 80,000 promoters of coding and non-coding genes for human and murine samples respectively. Dovetail’s solution incorporates Twist Bioscience’s proprietary targeted enrichment technology (Nasdaq: TWST) and is associated with Dovetail’s unique Micro-C and Omni-C systems.® Assays, each of which uses sequence independent nucleases for superior coverage compared to Hi-C methodologies based on restriction enzymes.

Genome-wide Hi-C studies have been very instructive in defining the critical relationship between chromosome architecture and gene expression. However, the required sequencing depth can be a significant barrier to larger studies. Dovetail’s new products reduce the sequencing burden by over 90%, allowing the interactions between promoters and their regulatory elements to be studied at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the targeted approach increases the sensitivity and resolution of the test. Taken together, these advantages make this approach ideal for a wide variety of research questions, including larger translational studies, opening the possibility of discovering a new class of biomarkers based on chromatin topology.

Emily Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Twist Bioscience, said, “We are delighted to partner with Dovetail Genomics to bring Twist’s innovative targeted enrichment technology to new markets. Using our incredibly flexible target enrichment design and DNA synthesis capabilities, Dovetail is developing innovative new panels to advance the study of chromatin topology. ”

“The ability of regulatory elements to act over large genomic distances has long been known and, thanks to chromatin conformation capture techniques, looping events that bring promoters and their regulatory elements, such as transcriptional enhancers, together, are just starting to be surveyed, “said Todd Dickinson, CEO.” Our new panels now allow these experiments to be performed at a fraction of the cost of genome-wide Hi-C approaches. This opens avenues for translational research. which relies on larger sample cohorts.Working with Twist, we are confident that these new, first-rate tools will help accelerate understanding of the mechanisms of human disease, aid in drug discovery programs, and provide new and valuable class of biomarkers benefiting the diagnosis and management of human disease. ”

About the dovetail Genomics
Dovetail Genomics LLC transforms genomics by making long-term information readily available to everyone. The company enables researchers and clinicians to solve complex problems involving de novo assembly, structural variation, chromatin epigenetics and topology analysis, cancer research, chromosome-scale phasing, and more by providing them with a more complete view of the genome. With 68 pending applications and 14 patents granted, its in vitro The proximity ligation approach and assembly algorithms simplify genomic discovery by integrating the highest quality long-range genomic information with next-generation sequencing output. Dovetail is based in Scotts Valley, California. For more information about Dovetail, its technology and its service offerings, visit Follow Dovetail on Twitter@DTGenomics.

About Twist Bioscience Corporation
Twist Bioscience is a leading and growing synthetic biology and genomics company that has developed a disruptive DNA synthesis platform to industrialize the engineering of biology. The heart of the platform is proprietary technology that develops a new method of making synthetic DNA by “writing” DNA onto a silicon chip. Twist takes advantage of its unique technology to manufacture a wide range of synthetic DNA products, including synthetic genes, tools for the preparation of next generation sequencing (NGS), and antibody libraries for discovery and drug development. Twist is also pursuing longer term opportunities in digital data storage in DNA and biological drug discovery. Twist manufactures products for many industries including healthcare, industrial chemicals, agriculture and academic research.

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