Health standards need a major overhaul with 1 in 2 saying their doctors don’t promote sexual health


While sexual health products As vibrators have been proven to improve sexual dysfunction and general health, a majority of doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies still do not consider or view these products as a legitimate part of healthcare. This is according to a recent study published by experts in sexual health, Mysteryvibe, conducted with over 3,000 Americans to understand their interest, knowledge and experience with vibrators and sexual health.

The results highlight a staggering disparity between the public interest in sexual health and the accessibility of health care providers.

  • 53% don’t believe their treating physician promotes sexual health
  • More 76% have never had a doctor or healthcare professional talk to them about the importance of sexual health

The World Health Organization classifies sexual health and access to information about sexual health as a basic human right. The Center for Disease Control has developed and published the following definition of sexual health recommended for use in the United States, “Sexual health is a state of well-being related to sexuality throughout life that involves physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions. Sexual health is an intrinsic part of human health and is based on a positive, equitable and respectful approach to sexuality, relationships and reproduction. ” The CDC Statement go further by saying, “Sexual health includes the possibility of having fulfilling sex”.

In 2001, the Surgeon General issued a Call to action promote sexual health, stating: “We, as a nation, must address the significant public health challenges regarding the sexual health of our citizens … While it is important to recognize the many positive aspects of sexuality, we must also understand that there are equally alarming unwanted consequences of high levels of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) … unwanted pregnancy, abortion, sexual dysfunction and sexual violence.

  • 66% believe that vibrators can help fight sexual dysfunction and other problems (e.g. pelvic floor health, incontinence, etc.)

Vibrators were originally created as medical devices, and although they have evolved to include pleasure, they have enormous health benefits. In MysteryVibe’s Sexual Health Survey, an overwhelming number of respondents said they use their vibrator to help with arousal, relieve stress, and help with pelvic health.

  • Almost 76% would feel comfortable with a doctor recommending a vibrator if they could alleviate the symptoms of sexual problems
  • More 73% said they would use FSA / HSA money for a vibrator if allowed

The survey results corroborate the growing body of evidence that vibrators are effective medical tools for preventing and treating sexual health problems. Sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women United States is greater than 86.5%. 77% of women were uncomfortable seeking medical attention, and 42% did not know treatment options were available. Women who use vibrators regularly experience increased blood flow, increased lubrication, and reported higher sexual satisfaction scores than women who did not use vibrators. 71.5% of women reported no negative symptoms associated with using a vibrator, as opposed to hormone replacement and other methods of sexual well-being intervention.

  • 96% of respondents have never been recommended or prescribed a vibrator by a doctor
  • Alone 3% of respondents have ever had a doctor recommend a vibrator for sexual health

In view of the increased attention paid to importance of sexual health Over the past decade, it is time for the medical industry to follow suit with the governing bodies. Despite the scientific evidence, too many members of the medical community ignore the benefits of sexual health products. These figures indicate a problem of epidemic proportions that exists due to a fundamental lack of education in major institutions in sexual health and well-being. By conducting this survey and continually pushing for education around sexuality, MysteryVibe offers much-needed discussions to make sexual health an intrinsic part of our overall health. You can find out more about their mission here.

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Mysteryvibe creates award-winning medical devices that help solve important sexual health issues such as pain, erectile dysfunction and arousal disorders. They are a global leader in sexual health technology with multiple award-winning FDA II devices that have improved lives by more than 50k people in 65 countries.

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